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EU weighs options as Turkey stand-off grinds on

04 December, 2020

EU members are considering tougher options against Turkey.

Hungary jails Syrian IS commander over imam beheading

03 December, 2020

A Syrian man was sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity.

Haftar's capture of Italian fishermen sparks diplomatic storm

03 December, 2020

In-depth: Haftar's forces have detained a crew of Sicilian fishermen for over 90 days, igniting a diplomatic stand-off with Italy.

Southeast Turkey shaken by 5.0 magnitude earthquake

03 December, 2020

There were no casualties, though the southeastern region was shaken following a 5.0 magnitude earthquake

US clashes with Turkey at NATO talks

02 December, 2020

A heated exchange reportedly took place between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a Turkish representative.

32 migrants rescued, 2 missing off Lesbos

02 December, 2020

Greece's Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi accused the Turkish coast guard of not assisting the migrants when they issued a distress call.

Turkey research ship return to port amid potential sanctions

30 November, 2020

Turkey's research ship has returned to port less than two before EU leaders will decide whether to slap further sanctions on Ankara.

Erdogan pushes tough foreign policy despite economic pain

27 November, 2020

Erdogan's increasingly hawkish foreign policy is rankling Western allies and scaring away investors

Qatar agrees to ten percent stake in Borsa Istanbul

26 November, 2020

Qatar and Turkey have signed a number of economic agreements.

Turkey still risks EU sanctions over sea dispute

26 November, 2020

The dispute in the Mediterranean continues,

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