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Hagia Sophia to be reopened for Muslim worship: Erdogan

10 July, 2020

President Erdogan announced that the Hagia Sophia, one of the architectural wonders of the world, would be reopened for Muslim worship.

Greek government faces resistance over dictatorship-era anti-protest law

09 July, 2020

In-depth: The Greek government is extending police powers to quell mass protests, a move refugee groups say will limit their ability to mobilise.

US to start Cyprus military training despite Turkey opposition

08 July, 2020

Washington last year removed a decades-old arms embargo on Cyprus, defying Turkish opposition.

Turkey holds nearly 300 migrants bound for Europe

07 July, 2020

Turkey's coast guard intercepted a tanker carrying 276 migrants on their way to Greece.

'High probability' Greece killed Syrian refugee at border: investigation

06 July, 2020

Athens is accused of killing at least two migrants after thousands of asylum seekers gathered at its border with Turkey in March.

Russian Orthodox leader warns Turkey over Hagia Sophia move

06 July, 2020

A threat to Istanbul-based Hagia Sophia is a threat to the whole of Christian civilisation, a Russian Orthodox church leader warned.

Greece extends migrant camp lockdown despite criticism

04 July, 2020

Greece has faced backlash after it extended a migrant camp lockdown.

Greece officially closes one of oldest 'unlicensed' mosques

04 July, 2020

Athens is the only European capital that lacks operational mosques, forcing Muslims to pray in makeshift halls, but the Al Andalus prayer hall has now also been shut.

'Pivoting East': Will China come to Lebanon’s rescue?

03 July, 2020

Running quickly out of options as talks over an IMF bailout stall, Lebanon's Hezbollah-backed government says it wants to pivot to China, but analysts say that route is a mirage

Top Turkey court to rule on Hagia Sophia

02 July, 2020

Calls for the Hagia Sophia to serve again as a mosque have raised tensions between historic foes and uneasy NATO allies Turkey and Greece.

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