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Russia's influence in Iraq: A challenge for the US

23 September, 2020

Russia is making inroads into the Middle East at the expense of US power.

Basra killings expose Iraq's deadly web of corruption

03 September, 2020

An alleged cover-up of the killing of local activists in Basra reveals how a corrupt political network in southern Iraq is ready to do anything to remain in power.

Rest in Power Reham Yacoub

25 August, 2020

Comment: Reham Yacoub's assassination is evidence of an increasingly restricted space for free speech and protest in Iraq, write Taif Alkhudary and Hayder Al-Shakeri.

The Iraq Report: Diplomatic spat with Turkey intensifies

18 August, 2020

While Iraqi authorities continue to criticise Turkish military operations, their protestations of sovereignty have fallen on deaf ears.

As Kadhimi heads to Washington, Iran-backed militias increase attacks

18 August, 2020

With Tehran and Washington competing for influence in Iraq, the gulf between pro-Iranian factions and Baghdad's US-friendly premier is growing.

Iraq mourns Hashemi, vows to pursue his killers

07 July, 2020

National and international figures mourned the killing of Hisham al-Hashemi, who was gunned down on Monday in capital city of Baghdad.

WATCH: Gunmen set fire to Iraqi paramilitary group's headquarters

25 May, 2020

The offices of Iranian-backed paramilitary group Asaib Ahl al-Haq were set ablaze over the weekend, as Iraq witnesses bubbling tensions between the protest movement and Iran-linked factions.

Iraqis protest MBC broadcast calling slain PMF leader 'terrorist'

18 May, 2020

Angry protesters broke into the Baghdad office of Saudi-owned MBC television, after one of its broadcasts called Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, the slain leader of the Hashd Al-Shaabi militias, a 'terrorist'.

Iraq launches 'Desert Lions' offensive against IS sleeper cells

04 May, 2020

Iraqi security forces are engaged in a new military operation against sleeper cells belonging to the Islamic State militant group, authorities announced on Monday.

Iraqi paramilitaries killed as IS launch multiple overnight attacks

04 May, 2020

IS operatives attacked several paramilitary posts across Iraq on Sunday resulting in several casualties, as rural tribespeople complain of daily assaults by the militants during the coronavirus lockdown.

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