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Iraqi militia calls for Sunnis villagers to be displaced

03 May, 2021

IS militants remain a threat in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province and areas north of Baghdad.

Iraqi government approves expansion of Iran-linked Hashd Al-Shaabi militia

06 April, 2021

Iraq's government has approved 30,000 new members for the Iran-backed Hashd Al-Shaabi militia.

Rising Iran-Turkey tensions in Iraq and Russia's dilemma

17 March, 2021

Analysis: While the extent and duration of Turkey's anticipated military intervention in Sinjar is unclear, Russia is watching the situation in northern Iraq with apprehension.

The fear inspired by Blackwater, US military in Iraq

29 December, 2020

Though Nisour Square was 13 years ago, the release of the Blackwater guards from prison opened up old wounds for the families of those killed, writes Elijah J. Magnier.

Iraq training US-sanctioned militia leader for top role: report

27 November, 2020

Government officials view the reported appointment to the military of a militia security chief as a move to weaken Iran-backed groups.

What will a Biden presidency mean for Iraq?

10 November, 2020

Analysis: Joe Biden has a contentious history in Iraq, but the president-elect's policies towards the country remain unclear.

Jordan's parliamentary elections: New challenges, old expectations

08 November, 2020

In-depth: Amid a raging pandemic, campaign restrictions have allowed a new generation of candidates to enter the fray. For most Jordanians, however, the elections will yield few surprises.

Exclusive: Reactions to US elections inside the Middle East

04 November, 2020

The Middle East is keeping a watchful eye on the outcome of the volatile elections taking place in the US.

Anger in Iraq as government stalls Farhatiya killings investigation

27 October, 2020

The Iraqi government has delayed the publication of an investigation into last week's killings in Farhatiya, where at least eight people were killed by suspected members of a pro-Iran militia.

Iranian militias re-name Syrian streets names after Khomeini, Solemani

15 October, 2020

Iranian militias in eastern Syria are changing the names of local streets in a 'provocative and sectarian' way in an effort to forcibly alter the character of the area.

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