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More than 75% of Syrian refugees suffer trauma: report

01 March, 2021

Most Syrian refugees suffer from some form of PTSD, a UK charity has revealed in a new grim report.

Leading Syrian chemical weapons scientist 'was on CIA payroll'

23 February, 2021

The Syrian expert passed on information on the regime's chemical weapons programme on to the CIA.

Syria's rebel-held northwest to get vaccines by March: WHO

23 February, 2021

The health directorate for Syria's rebel-held northwest said it expected to receive 120,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine by next month.

Ten years on, Syrian children remain without education

19 February, 2021

A decade-long conflict has adversely impacted on an already under-resourced education system under strain, and stolen the lives of a whole generation of children.

Rare snow brings suffering to Syrian refugee camps

18 February, 2021

At least four children living in informal displacement camps in northwestern Syria have died as temperatures dropped below zero.

Syria hardliners release American held in Idlib: monitor

17 February, 2021

Bilal Abdul Kareem has been released by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham after being held for six months.

How should Turkey's military presence in Syria be assessed?

16 February, 2021

Analysis: Has Ankara's role in northern Syria made any positive impact, or will it ultimately be counterproductive?

Russia, Turkey, Iran meet to discuss Syria

16 February, 2021

Delegations from Russia, Turkey, and Iran are meeting in Sochi to discuss the Syria Constitutional Committee and the ceasefire in rebel-held Idlib province.

Syrian regime confiscating, selling land belonging to refugees: report

16 February, 2021

A new report by the Syrian Network for Human Rights accuses the Assad regime of seizing hundreds of square kilometres of land belonging to displaced people and auctioning them off.

US warns HTS leader Jolani he's still 'most wanted'

03 February, 2021

Jolani has embarked on a series of image changes during her period as HTS leader.

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