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Syrian regime, opposition representatives meet for constitution talks

24 August, 2020

Delegations from the Syrian regime and opposition began much-delayed talks in Geneva to draft a new constitution for the conflict-torn country

Syria blames blackout on alleged 'terrorist' pipeline attack

24 August, 2020

An attack on a gas pipeline near Damascus has been blamed for a nationwide blackout, state news agency reported on Monday.

Syrian regime kills and injures farmers in Idlib province

21 August, 2020

Two Syrian farmers were killed and three others injured in a Syrian regime attack in Idlib province.

Syria constitution talks in Geneva an 'important step'

21 August, 2020

In the upcoming meeting, amending the country's constitution is high on the list of topics up for discussion.

Syria's Idlib region records first coronavirus death

21 August, 2020

The three-million strong region has just recorded its first covid-19 related death.

Syria Insight: Jolani's outreach campaign highlights HTS' many challenges

21 August, 2020

Idlib province has seen a rivalry between rival jihadist factions.

US loses two drones over Syria's Idlib

19 August, 2020

Whether the drones were shot at after a collision occurred and whether that contributed to the crash remains unclear, the US defence official said.

Russian general killed by 'explosive device' in Syria: agencies

18 August, 2020

Russia's defence ministry said the device went off while the convoy was returning from a humanitarian operation.

Greece-Egypt maritime deal aims to shackle Turkey's Mediterranean designs

12 August, 2020

Analysis: The pact between Athens and Cairo is part of a wider regional battle for influence in the Mediterranean.

Iran says 2 convicted of spying for Israel, UK

11 August, 2020

Two people have been convicted in Iran for allegedly spying on behalf Israel, the UK and Germany.

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