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Uprooted by war, Syrians settle on Roman temple ruins

10 November, 2020

Dozens of Syrians uprooted by the war have settled among centuries-old ruins in the UNESCO-listed site of Baqirha, near the Turkish border.

Turkey withdraws more troops from northwest Syria bases

10 November, 2020

Turkey has pulled out of more bases in Syria's Aleppo province, with locals fearing the regime might be planning a new assault.

Seven civilians killed in Syria's rebel northwest: monitor

04 November, 2020

Seven civilians were killed during regime bombardments on Idlib.

Biden will remain tough on Syria's Assad, adviser says

03 November, 2020

Syria reconstruction will be conditional on the regime making considerable political reforms, Biden has said.

Covid-19 rampaging through northwest Syria, warns IRC

02 November, 2020

Northwest Syria has seen an surge in Covid-19 cases which is concerning health workers and NGOs.

Why some American Muslims are choosing to vote Republican

01 November, 2020

In-depth: Small but growing support for Trump among America's Muslims shows that the Democratic Party takes the Muslim vote for granted at its own peril.

Crammed into camps, displaced Syrians fear spread of coronavirus

01 November, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians displaced by conflict into overcrowded, unsanitary refugee camps where social distancing is impossible are terrified of the spread of coronavirus.

Syria Insight: Russia's intervention five years on (Part 2)

30 October, 2020

In-depth: Five years have passed since Russia's intervention in Syria's war began.

Why US elections present Syrians with a complex dilemma

28 October, 2020

Syrian Americans have been affected by Trump's discriminatory policies and his 'Muslim ban' but many of them fear that a Biden presidency will embolden Iran in its support for Assad.

Syrian rebels bomb regime positions following deadly Russian airstrike

27 October, 2020

Syrian rebels have bombed regime positions in the northwest of the country in retaliation for a Russian airstrike which killed up to 100 fighters.

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