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Russia strikes kill 78 rebels in Syria

27 October, 2020

Air strikes by Damascus regime ally Russia killed 78 Turkey-backed rebels in northwestern Syria, a monitor said, in the bloodiest surge in violence since a truce almost eight months ago.

Russia strikes kill 78 Turkey-backed rebels in Syria: monitor

26 October, 2020

Russian airstrikes on Monday killed dozens of Turkey-backed rebels in Syria's northwest in the bloodiest surge in violence reported since more than half a year ago.

US strike kills 14 Islamist militants in northwestern Syria

23 October, 2020

The US Army says it has carried out a drone strike against Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province.

Assad's assault on Idlib's schools

21 October, 2020

Destruction, displacement, a financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic have posed intractable challenges to Idlib's education system. But its children still dream of a bright future.

Syrian girl nominated for 2020 Children's Peace Prize

20 October, 2020

A Syrian girl who was 10 years old when she began to make videos about the suffering of people in Ghouta has been nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

Turkey evacuates Syria outpost long-encircled by regime

20 October, 2020

Turkey started withdrawing from the Morek outpost in Hama, a province which is under regime control.

Watchdog urges sanctions over civilian deaths in Syria's Idlib

15 October, 2020

HRW has urged sanctions for Assad and Russia over attacks on Idlib.

Russia violates Syria ceasefire with new Idlib airstrikes

14 October, 2020

Russia became a new member of the 47-seat UN human rights council on Tuesday.

Syria builds new Covid ward, prepares for second wave

14 October, 2020

Syria has already been ravaged by an outbreak of Covid-19.

UN rejects Saudi bid for human rights council

13 October, 2020

Relief, dismay and anger have surrounded the latest additions to the UN's Human Rights Council

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