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Syrian Ahrar Al-Sham rebel group faces major internal mutiny

13 October, 2020

The Syrian Islamist Ahrar Al-Sham rebel group is facing a major split between it political leadership and its military wing, which the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham group is encouraging.

Turkey hits out at European 'arrogance' over Syria

13 October, 2020

The European Union's calls for Turkey to withdraw from Syria are 'arrogant', Ankara said on Tuesday.

HTS kill 13 ‘IS-affiliated militants' in northern Syria

12 October, 2020

An HTS-affiliated security force says it has killed 13 Islamic State militants in the village of Tal’ada in Idlib province, while local people say there was no IS presence there.

Syria Insight: Russia's intervention five years on (Part 1)

09 October, 2020

In-depth: Five years have passed since Russia's intervention in Syria's war began. For Syrians, it is a time of loss and mourning.

Assad responds to Trump assassination claims

08 October, 2020

Bashar al-Assad responded to Trump admitting that he wanted to assassinate the Syrian dictator in 2017.

Assad says he will personally test Russian coronavirus vaccine

07 October, 2020

In an interview with the Sputnik news agency, Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad says that he will personally take a controversial new coronavirus vaccine developed by Russia.

Three humanitarian workers injured in Syria's Al-Bab blast

07 October, 2020

Three humanitarian workers were injured in Tuesday's Al-Bab bombing, which left at least 18 people dead.

Syrians urge voting against Russia on Human Rights Council

06 October, 2020

Syrian groups have urged UN member states to vote against Russia gaining a seat on the Human Rights Council.

Assad says Russia presence keeps 'balance' in Syria

05 October, 2020

Assad claimed Russia's presence in Syria is needed to counter Western influence.

Russia marks brutal five-year intervention anniversary in Syria war

30 September, 2020

Russia's intervention in the Syria war has cost thousands of lives.

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