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First doctor in Turkish-held Syria dies from Covid-19

10 September, 2020

Activists have reported the first medical worker in Turkish-held Syria to die from Covid-19.

White Helmets offer assistance in fighting Syria wild fires

09 September, 2020

Despite being vilified by the brutal Assad regime, the White Helmets have offered to assist in extinguishing fires that have engulfed western Syria.

Syria Insight: Fears of Covid-19 outbreak in northern Syria

05 September, 2020

Northeast and northwest Syria are witnessing alarming rises in Covid-19 cases, with fears that the situation could get worse this winter.

New Syrian militant group claims attacks on Turkish patrol

02 September, 2020

A new jihadi group has emerged in Syria's Idlib province.

Syria's Assad names new government headed by PM Arnous

30 August, 2020

The decree changes those in charge of 12 cabinet portfolios, including the ministries of finance, energy and public health.

Regime coronavirus numbers expose Assad's contempt for Syrian life

27 August, 2020

Comment: Deceit has characterised the Syrian regime's response to the pandemic, while the international community takes false regime numbers at face value, writes James Snell.

Medic in Syria warns of 'unprecedented catastrophe' from coronavirus

25 August, 2020

A medic based in Syria anonymously revealed that a Covid-19 emergency is brewing in regime-held areas.

Syria's Assad tasks caretaker PM to form new government

25 August, 2020

Hussein Arnous was appointed caretaker prime minister in June and has now been tasked with forming a new cabinet.

Northeast Syria families say Turkey cut their water

25 August, 2020

Repeated interruptions to Hasakeh's water supplies have put locals at greater risk of contacting the coronavirus.

Syrian regime, opposition representatives meet for constitution talks

24 August, 2020

Delegations from the Syrian regime and opposition began much-delayed talks in Geneva to draft a new constitution for the conflict-torn country

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