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Iraq reopens Tahrir Square, epicentre of revolt in Baghdad

31 October, 2020

Iraqi authorities reopened Baghdad's Tahrir Square and Al-Jumhuriyah bridge.

Two children killed in blast targeting Iraq pipeline

31 October, 2020

An investigation has been launched into the explosion in Muthanna province, south of Baghdad, that killed two children.

Mobilising the refugee vote in Florida

29 October, 2020

Comment: I am voting to make sure the road is paved for my daughters and for other refugees, writes Basma Alawee, a refugee organiser in the swing state of Florida.

The Arab American Republicans voting for Trump

28 October, 2020

In-depth: Over a third of Arab Americans polled say they prefer Donald Trump - an indication that many still gravitate towards the Republican Party.

Iraq reopens Green Zone bridge year after revolt

27 October, 2020

Al-Sinak bridge was partially closed for security reasons after it turned into the site of fierce clashes between protesters and police in October 2019.

Anger in Iraq as government stalls Farhatiya killings investigation

27 October, 2020

The Iraqi government has delayed the publication of an investigation into last week's killings in Farhatiya, where at least eight people were killed by suspected members of a pro-Iran militia.

One year on, Iraq's youth rise again

27 October, 2020

A year on from the protest movement that felled the government, young Iraqis are just as angry about the same issues and are rekindling demonstrations with renewed fervour.

Iraq protesters, police clash again

26 October, 2020

Iraqi police fired stun grenades and tear gas at protesters who were burning tyres and hurling rocks on the strategic Al-Jumhuriyah bridge.

Saddam Hussein's right hand man Izzat Al-Douri 'dies'

26 October, 2020

Izzat Al-Douri died at the age of 78 in Iraq, the Baath Party announced on Monday.

Iraqis rally to revive year-old revolt against the system

25 October, 2020

Riot police clad in bulletproof vests, helmets and plastic shields were lined on Sunday near major bridges close to Baghdad's Green Zone.

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