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Pompeo to break coronavirus travel restrictions to visit Israel

08 May, 2020

The Trump administration is pushing ahead with its plans to return to business as normal despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Israel's president tasks Netanyahu with forming unity government

07 May, 2020

Netanyahu has been mandated to form a unity government, which could end of over a year of political deadlock in Israel. However failure would mean a fourth election.

Israeli parliament passes bill paving path to new government

07 May, 2020

The Israeli parliament passed a bill to form a new government, as coronavirus sweeps across the region.

Israeli parliament to vote on coalition between Netanyahu, Gantz

06 May, 2020

The Israeli parliament is due to vote on Wednesday on a coalition deal between Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz following a year of political deadlock

Israel court hears first challenges to Netanyahu-Gantz coalition deal

05 May, 2020

Israel's Supreme Court tackled the vexed question of whether a political deal to form a coalition government after three inconclusive elections in less than a year is actually legal.

Israel's top court starts hearings on petitions against Netanyahu

03 May, 2020

Israel's Supreme Court started hearings on Sunday to decide if Netanyahu will be allowed to form a government as prime minister under criminal charges.

The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition farce

01 May, 2020

Comment: The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition is nothing more than a shaky political agreement designed to serve the narrow personal agendas of Machiavellian politicians, writes Khalil E. Jahshan.

Tunisian President Kais Saied's first six months in power

30 April, 2020

The first six months of Kais Saied's presidency have been dominated by two major crises - the challenge to form a new government, and the outbreak of Covid-19.

Arab doctor leads Israeli hospital's anti-coronavirus fight

28 April, 2020

Doctor Khitam Hussein, a member of Israel's marginalised Arab community, spearheads an Israeli hospital's battle against Covid-19.

A job or a calling? Human rights in Egypt

27 April, 2020

Comment: Founder of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Bahey el-Din Hassan takes a in-depth look at the personalities and debates that have shaped Egypt's human rights activism.

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