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Beirut Explosion: Be angry, not just sad, for Lebanon

05 August, 2020

The New Arab's Managing Editor, Karim Traboulsi, writes a scathing indictment of the Lebanese government and its negligence over the devastating Beirut explosion.

Hunger will kill children in Lebanon by 2021: charity

29 July, 2020

Children are likely to starve to death in Beirut amid Lebanon's economic crisis, according to Save The Children.

Struggling Lebanon records rising suicide cases

25 July, 2020

A 26-year-old in Lebanon became the fifth person to commit suicide in the economy-stricken country.

Lebanon: Adrift in stormy seas

22 July, 2020

Comment: With its currency in free-fall, half the population plunged into poverty, and IMF talks in disarray, Lebanon appears to be lurching towards a chaotic collapse, writes Jim Muir.

Lebanon looks to China to help in economic crisis

15 July, 2020

Lebanon's deepening economic crisis has the country seeking help in the Far East.

Lebanon's leading Christian clerics slam government's economic mismanagement

06 July, 2020

Lebanese are suffering unprecedented economic meltdown since the civil war.

Lebanon suicides spark outrage at govt over economic crisis

03 July, 2020

A 61-year-old man shot himself on the sidewalk of a bustling Beirut shopping street in broad daylight.

Syria's Assad must compromise or face sanctions, US warns

16 June, 2020

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad must come to a political compromise or face further sanctions, the US warned on Tuesday, suggesting the embattled leader would never secure a full victory.

Lebanon makes largest ever cannabis drug bust

10 April, 2020

Twenty-five tonnes of cannabis resin was seized by Lebanon's police. In 2016, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime ranked the country as the third main source of the resin.

Millions may go hungry in Lebanon's virus lockdown: HRW

08 April, 2020

In locked-down Lebanon, millions of residents may not be able to afford food or necessities, after the economic crisis already left many without income or access to funds.

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