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Libyan factions sign 'permanent' ceasefire after talks

23 October, 2020

This week's agreement was a first step towards a 'comprehensive settlement of the Libyan crisis', the UN's mission in the war-torn country said.

Saudi Arabia wages populist campaign against Turkish products

23 October, 2020

Saudi Arabian supermarkets are taking Turkish products off shelves and branding Turkish food ‘Greek’ amid a government-inspired campaign against Turkey.

US foreign policy in the 2020 elections

22 October, 2020

Comment: Differences in Middle East foreign policy between Trump and Biden show two very different visions of America’s place in the world, writes Charles W. Dunne.

Turkey hits out after rivals unite in gas row

22 October, 2020

Turkey has said there will be no solution to problems in the region unless the countries involved changed their 'maximalist and hostile policies'.

UN Libya envoy 'optimistic' on ceasefire prospects

21 October, 2020

The UN's Libya envoy said she was "quite optimistic" about a prospective ceasefire.

US elections and the Eastern Mediterranean tinderbox

20 October, 2020

Analysis: The road to a solution between Athens and Ankara is shorter if it does not pass through Washington.

Turkey evacuates Syria outpost long-encircled by regime

20 October, 2020

Turkey started withdrawing from the Morek outpost in Hama, a province which is under regime control.

IMF calls for speedy reforms in virus-hit Arab countries

19 October, 2020

The IMF has urged Middle Eastern and North African countries to speed up the pace of economic reform as coronavirus and low oil prices take their toll.

Families hit by Trump’s Muslim ban speak out

19 October, 2020

Families forced apart by Donald Trump’s ban on citizens of Muslim countries travelling to the US have spoken out about their suffering

Libya arrests senior coastguard official over human trafficking

17 October, 2020

Abd al-Rahman Milad is the first senior coastguard official to be arrested over human trafficking.

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