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Of Necessity and Wanting: A kaleidoscopic portrayal of Karachi

08 April, 2021

Book Club: Sascha Akhtar's novel is a collection of interconnected short stories about three different women set in Pakistan's cosmopolitan hub of Karachi.

To honour Mohammed Saleem, UK must officially define Islamophobia

07 April, 2021

Comment: For Maz Saleem, whose father was killed by a white supremacist, adopting an official, legal definition of Islamophobia would provide the weight necessary to seek justice.

Berlinale: Exposing the polite fiction of society through cinema

25 March, 2021

At this year's Berlinale, four Arab films brought forward the painful complexity behind the façade of society.

Syria makes currency adjustment for international NGOs

25 March, 2021

International NGOs have struggled with the depreciating lira, leading to funding shortages.

No space for criticism: Jordan's authoritarian shift

24 March, 2021

In-depth: Ten years after the Arab Spring there is no sign of reform, just growing economic and social distress and a reduced space for citizens to express their grievances.

Activists race to save digital trace of Syria war

13 March, 2021

With the Syria war entering its 11th year, there is growing concern that digital evidence of history's most documented conflict is being syphoned away by the internet's indiscriminate trash can.

In post-2003 Iraq, fear pervades daily life for women

08 March, 2021

Almost two decades after the US-led invasion of Iraq, promises of representation and empowerment for women have all but fallen flat.

In pictures: Photographs depict the Rohingya mental health crisis

26 February, 2021

A powerful photo essay by Saiful Huq Omi documents an overwhelming mental health crisis among the displaced population of Rohingya refugees in southeastern Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar.

Ten years on, Syrian children remain without education

19 February, 2021

A decade-long conflict has adversely impacted on an already under-resourced education system under strain, and stolen the lives of a whole generation of children.

Rasha Nahas' Desert pays homage to her cultural background

19 February, 2021

The New Arab Meets: Palestinian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rasha Nahas, to talk more about the release of her highly anticipated debut album Desert.

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