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UN experts: IS committed genocide against Yazidis

11 May, 2021

“I ask you to start a new chapter - legal accountability for ISIS crimes would dramatically impact every action of my community’s recovery.”

Iran-backed militias controlling IS 'legacies' in Iraq: report

08 May, 2021

Iran-backed militias have sought to fill the vacuum left behind by the Islamic State group in Iraq, according to a Newslines Institute report.

Turkey reopens Mosul consulate years after IS takeover

07 May, 2021

Turkey's consulate in the northern Iraqi city resumes operations three years after its forced closure.

Award-winning photographer André Liohn reveals war-torn grief

05 May, 2021

The New Arab Meets: André Liohn, who unveils the distressing perils of conflict and how human beings can so quickly descend into anarchy under indiscriminate force.

Jihad and jokes? Iraqis aren't laughing

21 April, 2021

A hidden camera show that fools celebrities into thinking they are being attacked by jihadists has been condemned by viewers as tasteless.

Military officials advised Biden to leave ‘residual Afghan force'

19 April, 2021

Senior US military leaders reportedly believe there could be a resurgence of Al-Qaeda or that the Taliban could take Kabul.

Egyptian architects win Mosul mosque reconstruction competition

15 April, 2021

The architects' design will be used to rebuild the 12th-century Al-Nouri Mosque.

Turkish soldier killed by rocket fire in Iraq

15 April, 2021

An Iraqi child was injured when another of the rockets landed in a nearby village.

Why Baghdad's new visa system could emulate Kurdistan's success

06 April, 2021

In-depth: Baghdad once sought to abolish the KRG's comparably liberal visa system. Now, new reforms will make it easier for foreign visitors to get an Iraqi visa on arrival.

Iraqi PM forms supreme committee to resurrect Mosul

31 March, 2021

Mosul was destroyed by IS. Now, almost four years after the city's re-capture by Iraqi government forces the city remains derelict.

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