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US warns of punitive actions for Lebanese blocking reforms

15 April, 2021

David Hale, undersecretary of state for political affairs, did not specify what kind of punitive actions Lebanese officials could face.

Iran's supreme leader: Vienna offers 'not worth looking at’

14 April, 2021

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has dismissed offers made at recent talks in Vienna between Iran and major world powers.

Iran Natanz bomb 'may have been planted years ago'

14 April, 2021

Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert said the foundations of Sunday's Natanz uranium enrichment facility attack in Iran would have probably been set a long time ago.

Sudan invites Ethiopia, Egypt to Nile dam summit

14 April, 2021

Egypt and Ethiopia have been invited for talks by Sudan to discuss the ongoing disagreements related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Israel, US hold talks ahead of Iran nuclear negotiations

14 April, 2021

Israel and the US met virtually for strategic talks, where differences have emerged over a possible new nuclear deal with Iran.

Suez megaship owner haggles over $900m release demand

14 April, 2021

Negotiations are underway between the Suez Canal authorities and the owners of the ship that blocked the passage for a number of days, causing long delays.

Iran vows to enrich uranium to 60%

13 April, 2021

The announcement has been confirmed by the UN's nuclear watchdog and comes after an explosion knocked out power at Iran's main nuclear facility.

Egypt 'seizes' megaship over nearly $1bn Suez claim

13 April, 2021

A megaship which blocked Egypt's Suez Canal and crippled world trade for nearly a week has been 'seized' on court orders.

Zarif and Lavrov meet in Tehran, discuss US sanctions

13 April, 2021

Iran and Russia warned that an attack on the Natanz atomic site and new EU sanctions could harm ongoing negotiations.

Iran limits cooperation with EU over sanctions

12 April, 2021

Iran's foreign ministry said it is suspending cooperation with the European Union in various fields following the bloc's decision to blacklist several Iranian security officials over a 2019 protest crackdown.

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