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The racist legacy of outgoing US President Donald Trump

19 January, 2021

It is Donald Trump's last official day as President of the United States, and his departure is a good time to look back on his problematic legacy.

Dollar down as Democrats close in on Senate

06 January, 2021

The value of the dollar fell as Democrats claimed the first of two key election runoffs that edged them closer to taking control of both houses of Congress

Virus mutes New Year's revelries as 2020 ends

01 January, 2021

As midnight rolled from Asia to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas, the New Year's experience mirrored national responses to the virus itself.

US Congresswoman criticises Facebook’s failure to remove anti-Muslim hate

18 December, 2020

A US Congresswoman’s letter to Facebook strongly criticizing the platform’s failure to tackle anti-Muslim bigotry has been welcomed by CAIR and other Muslim organizations.

US negotiating Morocco drone sale following Israel deal: report

11 December, 2020

The US is negotiating the sale of drones to Morocco, unnamed government sources say.

Christchurch mosques attack might have been prevented 'by chance'

08 December, 2020

New Zealand security services did not focus enough on the threat from right-wing terror, but could only have prevented the Christchurch massacre "by chance", an inquiry reported.

New Zealand PM pledges accountability for Christchurch victims

07 December, 2020

The findings of the near 800-page inquiry will be made public on Tuesday.

'Foreigners leave': Mosque in Germany plastered with Islamophobic posters

21 November, 2020

Right-wing extremists targeted a mosque in Germany on Friday, reports confirmed, amid heightened Islamophobia in Europe.

Iranian Paralympian 'facing possible execution' for criticising coronavirus restrictions

11 November, 2020

Reza Tabrizi, a disabled bodybuilder and powerlifter, said it was 'hypocritical' to close gyms but allow religious shrines to remain open.

Jordan records highest numbers of coronavirus cases

05 November, 2020

Jordan announced a daily record of 5,877 cases among its 10 million population count, placing it amongst the countries with the highest rates of infection per capita.

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