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US oil rebounds after crash as stocks suffer losses

21 April, 2020

US oil prices have bounced back after they crashed below $0 for a number of hours on Monday.

Qatar flies to the rescue as coronavirus halts aviation

16 April, 2020

Qatar is drawing on the logistics baptism of fire it endured in 2017, when regional allies abruptly sealed borders to Qatari travellers, to repatriate thousands of stranded travellers.

Fear spreads faster than infection at Rohingya refugee camps

02 April, 2020

The Bangladeshi government's ban on internet access for Rohingya refugees is causing panic and misinformation to spread faster than the coronavirus itself.

New Zealand mosque gunman pleads guilty to murder, terrorism

26 March, 2020

The gunman who massacred worshippers at two New Zealand mosques last year unexpectedly pleaded guilty to the charges laid out against him.

Muslims still feel unsafe after deadly New Zealand massacre

15 March, 2020

On March 15, 2019, a self-avowed white supremacist launched a massacre on mosques in New Zealand, killing 51 worshippers. Today, Muslims still feel unsafe.

New Zealand cancels mosque massacre remembrance over virus fears

14 March, 2020

The National Remembrance Service planned to mark one year since the Christchurch mosque attacks on Sunday 15 March has been cancelled as a precautionary measure due to Covid-19.

Ardern says racist threat lingers after Christchurch mosque attacks

13 March, 2020

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined more than a thousand Muslims for Friday prayers.

Amani Saeed: The poet championing Muslim women

06 March, 2020

The New Arab Meets: Iraqi-Indian poet Amani Saeed whose poetry celebrates Muslim womanhood and intersection of faith and feminine power, while confronting the fallback caused by patriarchy and the

New Zealand arrests teenager over threats to attack mosque

04 March, 2020

A teenager was arrested in New Zealand after he sent threats to one of the Christchurch mosques targeted in last year's tragic massacre.

Vigils held in Germany for victims of racist attack

21 February, 2020

Thousands of people gathered in silence across Germany on Thursday evening to show solidarity with the victims of a racist attack on a shisha bar in the city of Hanau.

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