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Deadly Germany shootings being investigated as far-right terror incident

20 February, 2020

A confession letter found hours after a gunman killed nine people of 'migrant background' in a German shisha cafe calls for extermination of various Middle Eastern countries, experts say.

White supremacist propaganda is on the rise, says report

12 February, 2020

A new report has found that white supremacist propaganda in the US has doubled from last year, but such racist incidents are on the rise in Europe, too.

Denmark: A new frontier in the Iran-Saudi Cold War?

12 February, 2020

A sleepy Danish town is now the centre of an international spying operation. Does this make the smallest Scandinavian country the new flashpoint for Iran and Saudi Arabia’s spy wars?

Israel widens China travel ban over growing coronavirus fears

02 February, 2020

Foreign nationals who have travelled to China within the past two weeks will not be allowed to enter Israel.

Muslim allies Pakistan, Turkey mull dual nationality deal

01 February, 2020

Turkey proposed plans to Pakistan on Friday allowing citizens of both nations to have dual nationality, according to a ministry statement.

The New Arab's 10 biggest stories of 2019

31 December, 2019

A revolution in Sudan. A new Turkish offensive in Syria. A controversial citizenship amendment in India. These are The New Arab's top 10 stories of 2019.

Hundreds of Indonesians hold solidarity rally for Uighur Muslims

27 December, 2019

China has faced international condemnation for rounding up an estimated one million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim ethnic minorities in internment camps in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Ten things to look out for in 2020

26 December, 2019

From Iran to Lebanon, Trump to Netanyahu, 2020 is looking jam-packed. Here's The New Arab's list of top ten things to look out for as we enter a new year.

New Zealand ends gun buyback sparked by mosque shootings

20 December, 2019

New Zealand's gun buyback scheme is set to end on Friday but the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners believes less than a third of the illegal weapons have been collected.

Jewish Chronicle condemned by Muslims for Islamophobic article

18 December, 2019

'This latest article is not a one-off but part of a pattern of behaviour. Shameful does not begin to cover how awful this is.;

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