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Mossad turned down offer for Israeli spy remains location

25 November, 2019

Israeli spy Eli Cohen operated in Syria for many years, before being discovered and executed.

Australia can do better than detaining gay Saudi journalists

21 November, 2019

Comment: Australia's treatment of two gay men fleeing persecution in Saudi Arabia is a far cry from the liberal image it likes to paint for itself, writes CJ Werleman.

China rebuked at UN for persecution of Uighur Muslims

30 October, 2019

China's allies countered with a statement of their own that won even broader support, with some 54 nations backing a Belarus text that heaped effusive praise on Beijing.

The only way we can resist: Cricket in Kashmir

22 October, 2019

Kashmir has been through terror, war, militancy and oppression at the hands of the Indian Army for the last three decades.

Iraqi man charged with people trafficking in Australia

19 October, 2019

Australian authorities have charged a man who was allegedly part of a group that trafficked people aboard an Indonesian fishing vessel in 2001.

Ethiopia PM wins Nobel prize for Ethiopia-Eritrea peace efforts

11 October, 2019

Ethiopia's prime minister has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in helping end one of Africa's longest-running conflicts.

Muslim women could beat Greta to the Nobel Prize

10 October, 2019

Either Libyan women’s rights activist Hajer Sharief or Somali peace campaigner Ilwad Elman could possibly beat Greta Thunberg to the prestigious – but controversial – Nobel Peace Prize.

Germany faces up to dark spectre of far-right terror

10 October, 2019

Comment: Germany is grappling with the disturbing rise of right-wing extremism, writes CJ Werleman.

Jewish-Germans demand action after synagogue massacre

10 October, 2019

Jewish leaders say action is needed a day after a deadly anti-Semitic gun attack in Germany on the holy day of Yom Kippur killed two.

Germany shooting was live on Twitch for 35 minutes

09 October, 2019

The gunman filmed himself launching into a diatribe against women and Jews, before carrying out an attack against a synagogue in Halle on the holy day of Yom Kippur.

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