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Israel tried to save Sudan diplomat diagnosed with coronavirus

28 May, 2020

Israeli doctors were reportedly flown out to Sudan in an attempt to treat a Sudan diplomat for Covid-19, who died as a result of the virus.

A plan to resist Trump’s Deal of the Century

28 May, 2020

The long read: A new book by Palestinian intellectual Azmi Bishara presents a comprehensive strategy to resist Trump and Netanyahu’s widely condemned ‘Deal of the Century’ overwhelmingly rejected by

Israeli private jet 'lands in Sudan' in normalisation controversy

27 May, 2020

Sudan's military has denied rumours of an Israeli jet landing in Khartoum despite controversial moves to normalise ties between the two countries earlier this year.

Key Biden adviser offers little hope for Palestinians

22 May, 2020

Comment: Biden and his adviser Blinken are insisting that Palestinians accept the Israeli view, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

Biden announces opposition to Israel's annexation of West Bank

20 May, 2020

Joe Biden has condemned the planned annexation of the occupied West Bank, saying it will place a barrier in 'prospects for peace'.

Coronavirus contemplations: Part III

18 May, 2020

Comment: In this three-part series, Dr Azmi Bishara takes a deep dive look at how citizens and states have responded to an unprecedented coronavirus pandemic that is reshaping our world.

EU to pressure Israel to ditch West Bank annexation

15 May, 2020

The European Union will begin a diplomatic push to try to dissuade the new Israeli governments from annexing large areas of the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

Pompeo to break coronavirus travel restrictions to visit Israel

08 May, 2020

The Trump administration is pushing ahead with its plans to return to business as normal despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Erdogan's Empire: The rise of Turkey's enigmatic leader

21 April, 2020

Book Club: Soner Cagaptay charts the rise of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and how he sought to make Turkey a major power.

Microsoft divests from Israeli facial-recognition startup

28 March, 2020

The tech giant will pull its investments from Israeli startup AnyVision over worries that it cannot exercise ethical oversight over the controversial facial recognition technology.

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