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Sudanese poet detained for revolutionary recital on Khartoum massacre

04 May, 2021

A Sudanese poet is facing prison time for reciting a poem that honours the victims massacred in by Sudan's military during 2019 uprising.

Syria Insight: Assad begins his re-election campaign

29 April, 2021

Syrians will go to the polls in presidential elections next month, although the process of choosing a leader has already been decided.

Michel Kilo's death is a microcosm of Syria's tragedy

28 April, 2021

In-depth: Michel Kilo's passing marks the loss of another important voice that relentlessly advocated for a free, united, and democratic Syria.

Landmark HRW report challenges Biden to end Israeli apartheid

28 April, 2021

Comment: While the Biden administration is unlikely to adopt many of HRW's recommendations, this report charts a new course and establishes the goalposts for holding Israel accountable, writes Josh Ruebner.

Goodbye, Michel Kilo

26 April, 2021

Comment: Racha Abazied remembers Michel Kilo, a key figure in the Syrian opposition who dedicated his life and work to the struggle for democracy in Syria.

What's keeping Iranians on Clubhouse all night long?

22 April, 2021

Comment: For Iranians tired of one-dimensional 'likes', persistent trolls, and absent audiences, Clubhouse has fostered a new kind of more inclusive, real-time political dialogue, writes Hossein Derakhshan.

Big tech's secretive Israeli investments are whitewashing the occupation

21 April, 2021

Comment: In addition to being a security risk, making such generous and unconditional investments in Israel bolsters a delusion of normalcy and furthers the occupation, writes Muhammad Shehada.

District Terminal: A dystopic tale of nihilism and hopelessness

20 April, 2021

Film Review: Bardia Yadegari and Ehsan Mirhosseini's psychological sci-fi recounts a poet living with his mother in a desolated Tehran, trapped by drug addiction, poverty and a tyrannical government.

Danish far-right tells refugees to go to 'sunny Syria'

17 April, 2021

The poster campaign by the extreme-right group Generation Identity comes as Denmark threatens to deport dozens of refugees to Syria.

As I Want: The abused survivors of Egypt's revolution

09 April, 2021

Film Review: Premiered in the 2021 Berlin Film Festival, Samaher Al Qadi's latest feature, a biographical documentary, explores the series of sexual assaults that occurred throughout Egypt's 2013 uprisings.

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