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Somali president signs law extending mandate for two years

14 April, 2021

Somalia’s president has signed a bill extending his mandate for a further two years, a move which has been heavily criticised.

Iran vows to enrich uranium to 60%

13 April, 2021

The announcement has been confirmed by the UN's nuclear watchdog and comes after an explosion knocked out power at Iran's main nuclear facility.

Zarif and Lavrov meet in Tehran, discuss US sanctions

13 April, 2021

Iran and Russia warned that an attack on the Natanz atomic site and new EU sanctions could harm ongoing negotiations.

Pro-democracy Hirak protesters launch hunger strike in Algerian prison

10 April, 2021

A group of detained anti-government protesters in Algeria have launched a mass hunger strike in prison.

US-Iraqi strategic dialogue begins amid pro-Iran militia threats

07 April, 2021

Pro-Iran Iraqi militias issued a statement threatening to resume attacks on US troops.

Ethiopia to go on filling Nile mega-dam despite impasse

07 April, 2021

Ethiopia has announced that it will continue to fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, despite the failure of talks with Sudan and Egypt.

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia's Nile dispute: A looming conflict?

06 April, 2021

Analysis: Ethiopia's contested dam on the Nile has pitted it against both Egypt and Sudan, with a border dispute between Khartoum and Addis Ababa further complicating strained relations.

US urges de-escalation between Sudan, Ethiopia

05 April, 2021

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken pressed for an easing of tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia as fears grow of a spillover from the bloody Tigray conflict.

Libya women bloc demand politicians work towards December elections

05 April, 2021

A women's bloc is challenging a largely male political class in Libyan politics, fearing they will try to delay elections to cling onto power.

Israeli PM Netanyahu's court corruption battle resumes

05 April, 2021

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fighting for his political life on two fronts: coalition talks, and a corruption trial over claims he abused his office for personal gain.

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