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Afghan authorities begin release of 'dangerous' Taliban prisoners

14 August, 2020

Afghan authorities announced they began to release 400 Taliban prisoners as part of the long-delayed peace talks between both sides.

What a Biden-Harris ticket means for the Middle East

13 August, 2020

America's strategy in the Middle East has failed. But can a Biden presidency repair it?

Pandemic threatens peace and risks new conflicts: UN

13 August, 2020

While the coronavirus has led warring parties to take steps to de-escalate, many have failed to cease hostilities or agree to a permanent ceasefire, Guterres said.

US says Iran forces board ship in international waters

13 August, 2020

The Iranian navy boarded and briefly seized a Liberian-flagged oil tanker near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a US military official said Thursday.

Macron warns Iran against 'interference' in Lebanon

12 August, 2020

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani was warned against interfering in Lebanon, where a deadly port explosion has caused triggered a political crisis.

Pro-Palestine Democrat wins reveal weakening influence of Israel money

12 August, 2020

Comment: A string of defeats for pro-Israel candidates shows that Israeli support is not enough to overcome the progressive wave taking over the Democratic party, writes Mitchell Plitnick.

Iran's Rouhani hopeful US arms embargo push will fail

12 August, 2020

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani expressed 'great hopes that America will fail' in a televised meeting of his cabinet on Wednesday.

UN council at odds over peacekeeping operation in Lebanon

12 August, 2020

US Ambassador Kelly Craft stressed the need for a new mandate at a closed council meeting on the UN peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon.

US revises UN resolution to extend Iran arms embargo

12 August, 2020

The resolution's new draft states that the arms embargo on Iran will continue 'until the Security Council decides otherwise'.

UN set for showdown over Iran arms embargo push

09 August, 2020

The UNSC is set to reject a US resolution calling for an extension of the Iranian arms embargo.

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