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Assad regime used chemical weapons in 2018 attack: OPCW

12 April, 2021

Bashar Al-Assad's air force used chemical weapons in a 2018 attack on Saraqib, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said.

What's next for Syria under the Biden administration?

25 March, 2021

Analysis: Washington is still weighing up its approach to Syria, but the power balance that Russia, Turkey and Iran have built will not be easy to change.

Red Line: The use of chemical weapons in Syria

17 March, 2021

Book Club: Joby Warrick's new book takes a detailed look at the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the extraordinary efforts to rid the country of these dangerous materials.

Russia blocking 'accountability' on Syria chemical weapons: US

04 March, 2021

In her first Security Council meeting, Linda Thomas, Washington's new UN envoy, said Russia was blocking "all efforts to pursue accountability" against the Assad regime over its chemical weapons use.

Groups ask France to probe 2013 Syria chemical attacks

02 March, 2021

A group of Syrian chemical attack survivors and Syrian rights groups filed a criminal complaint in France.

Leading Syrian chemical weapons scientist 'was on CIA payroll'

23 February, 2021

The Syrian expert passed on information on the regime's chemical weapons programme on to the CIA.

Israeli strikes on Syria kill six: monitor

25 December, 2020

Israeli missiles killed at least six Iran-backed fighters in Syria.

Syria declarations on chemical arms lacking: UN, watchdog

12 December, 2020

Syria's declarations on chemical weapons were criticised by UN officials and a global watchdog.

Syria, Russia under pressure at chemical weapons watchdog

30 November, 2020

Russia and Syria have repeatedly denied the accusations of chemical weapons use, alleging that Western powers have politicised the Hague-based OPCW.

Why US elections present Syrians with a complex dilemma

28 October, 2020

Syrian Americans have been affected by Trump's discriminatory policies and his 'Muslim ban' but many of them fear that a Biden presidency will embolden Iran in its support for Assad.

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