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Sisi's back to the wall

08 November, 2016

Comment: As Egypt is forced to float the Pound and seek help from his neighbours, Robert Springborg asks if Sisi's gameplan is a desperate one of stimulating an IMF riot?

UK airline cancels Sharm el-Sheikh flights "indefinitely"

02 November, 2016

Monarch Airlines cited security considerations, with concerns that both EasyJet and Thomson Airways could follow suit.

Sisi's austerity: Egypt holds $3.6 million youth conference

25 October, 2016

As ordinary Egyptians brace themselves for tough economic times, the government is splashing out on a lavish youth conference to show a positive face to the outside world.

Outrage in Morocco after Egypt hosts Polisario delegation

20 October, 2016

The hosting of a Polisario separatists delegation in Egypt has sparked outrage in Morocco, raising tensions and affecting diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Sisi says 'Western human rights' not applicable to Egypt

10 October, 2016

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said that Egypt's 'democratic progress' should not be judged according to Western standards during a meeting with a congressional delegation.

Turkish Airlines to resume flights to Sharm el-Sheikh

25 August, 2016

Turkish Airlines will resume flights to Sharm el-Sheikh next month, nearly a year after the downing of a Russian jet, the Turkish Embassy in Cairo said on Wednesday.

Terror and tourism in North Africa

24 July, 2016

Fears about terrorism are causing many holidaymakers to turn their backs on once-flourishing tourist destinations in North Africa, as the region suffers a public relations pitfall.

Exclusive: Tony Blair 'organising a Sisi-Netanyahu' summit

14 July, 2016

The former British PM is working with Israeli officials to pave the way for summit between the two countries' leaders before year's end, sources tell The New Arab.

Moscow 'wants to deploy Russian officers' in Egyptian airports

07 July, 2016

Moscow has asked for Russian officers to deploy at Egyptian airports in return for resuming flights to Egypt, which have been suspended since a Russian jet crashed over Sinai.

British Airways suspends flights to Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh 'indefinitely'

21 June, 2016

British Airways on Tuesday announced it is indefinitely suspending flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, in a new blow to Egypt's struggling tourism industry.

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