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What Biden could mean for the Middle East

21 October, 2020

Analysis: With Joe Biden leading in the polls for US presidential elections, a victory for the Democratic candidate could have major policy implications for the Middle East.

I escaped Sisi's jails, but thousands of others haven't

20 October, 2020

Comment: Despite death threats forcing me out of Egypt, I'm lucky compared to the tens of thousands jailed, tortured and killed for speaking their minds, writes Bahey el-Din Hassan

Biden 'to take tougher stance' on rights abuser Sisi

19 October, 2020

In a recent letter reviewed by The Washington Post, US lawmakers signal Sisi's rights violation 'will not be tolerated' if Biden wins the presidency.

Egypt releases satirist after two years in jail: family

18 October, 2020

Abu Zeid was part of a satirical television talk show before the authorities halted its broadcast.

US prosecutors investigated suspected links between Trump and Egypt

15 October, 2020

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team investigated suspected ties between Egypt and a last-minute campaign finance injection by Trump, a new report reveals.

Would Biden really stop writing blank cheques for Egypt?

15 October, 2020

Comment: Only a Biden administration would be capable of holding Sisi's regime accountable. But whether it would is another matter, writes Sam Hamad.

Egypt's president signs strategic maritime deal with Greece

10 October, 2020

Egypt's President Sisi officially ratified the maritime pact with Greece, widely seen as a response to a deal between rival Turkey and Libya.

Egypt releases jailed journalist following outcry

06 October, 2020

Egypt’s prosecutor general has ordered the release of a journalist days after she was arrested for covering anti-Sisi protests, after an outcry from press freedom groups

Egypt journalists 'crushed like grains', women's rights group says

06 October, 2020

The ‘Coalition for Women in Journalism’ released a damning statement accusing the Egyptian regime of 'crushing' independent journalists.

Egypt arrests reporter after protest coverage: employer

05 October, 2020

Basma Mostafa was brought before prosecutors on Sunday after she had gone missing the day before while reporting on unrest in the village of Al-Awamya.

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