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Syria's prisoners: Absent but never forgotten

14 June, 2017

Comment: Syria's prisons are filled with those who rose up peacefully to call for freedom, democracy and social justice, writes Leila Al-Shami.

Evacuation of four besieged Syria towns 'delayed'

04 April, 2017

A deal to evacuate more than 30,000 people from the towns of Fuaa, Kafraya, Madaya and Zabadani on Tuesday has been delayed over opposition from residents and last-minute negotiations.

Syrian state media: War propaganda, whitewashing and denial

13 October, 2016

Comment: A new phase in Syrian state media's wildly distorted output attempts to depict life in regime-controlled areas of the country as 'business as usual', writes Kareem Chehayeb.

Government forces capture Syria's Daraya town

28 August, 2016

Regime forces captured the Syrian Daraya town on Saturday, after hundreds of rebels and families were evacuated.

Assad's allies in the West

25 May, 2016

Comment: Leftists adopting a de-facto position against "US imperialism" are inadvertently supporting continuing tyranny in Syria, writes Shawn Carrié

Students released from schools under siege to sit exams

16 May, 2016

Syrian students have been released from besieged areas to enable them to take end-of-year exams.

Two killed in Syria's besieged Daraya as aid refused

12 May, 2016

A father and son have been shot dead as they waited for the first humanitarian convoy to arrive in Daraya since the beginning of the blockade in 2012.

Hundreds evacuated from besieged Syrian towns

20 April, 2016

Around 500 Syrians were evacuated on Wednesday from the besieged towns of Zabadani and Madaya, and government-held towns of Fuaa and Kafraya, as part of a UN-brokered deal.

Starvation and dehydration plagues Syria's Yarmouk residents

19 April, 2016

Tens of thousands of civilians in Syria’s Yarmouk camp are left with no food or water as violence continues to haunt the region.

Newborn baby dies in Syria's besieged Madaya

13 April, 2016

A newborn baby and an elderly man have died due to medical negligence in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya.

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