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UK aid cuts may force closure of Somalia clinics

03 March, 2021

The spectre of dry funds comes as the UK announced on Monday that it was slashing its aid program to Yemen by more than 50%.

Seeking relevance, Trump touts Middle East 'victories' at CPAC

03 March, 2021

In-depth: At this year’s CPAC, Donald Trump boasted of his policy victories in the Middle East, but his erratic legacy is probably more liability than asset for the Biden administration.

Somalia’s opposition postpones protest over election delay

26 February, 2021

Pressure on the Somali government had been mounting after the failure to hold elections on February 8 due to a disagreement on how to carry out the vote.

Pandemic inequalities favour 'terrorism': King of Jordan

25 February, 2021

Jordan's king said inequalities stemming from the coronavirus pandemic can breed terrorism.

Covid-19 sparks drop in east Africa migration to Gulf

24 February, 2021

The number of migrants making the risky crossing through Yemen to the oil-rich Gulf states has dropped by three-quarters.

Ethiopia-Sudan tensions rise amid regional mediation offers

19 February, 2021

Turkey and the African Union have stepped up efforts to calm tensions between Addis Abada and Khartoum.

Rivals UAE, Turkey praise each other's space exploration efforts

19 February, 2021

The Twitter exchange marked a rare occurrence of positive communication between the rival countries

Britain to urge cease-fires to allow COVID-19 deliveries

17 February, 2021

The UK foreign secretary will call for a ceasefire in all war zones to allow for the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Yemen's Houthi rebels 'recruited' thousands of child soldiers

12 February, 2021

Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi militia group has used schools and other educational facilities to “lure” children into the ranks of their military, a new report by two rights groups says.

UN urges Somali leaders to quickly agree on elections

10 February, 2021

The UN Security Council has urged rival Somali leaders to agree on holding elections ‘quickly’, warning that the country faced an ‘unpredictable’ situation.

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