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Eritrea says troops in Ethiopia's Tigray, vows pullout

17 April, 2021

A letter posted online by the country's information minister marks Eritrea's first explicit admission of its role in the war in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region.

Syria Insight: Fears grow for Syrian refugees in Denmark

08 April, 2021

The Danish government has revoked the residencies of dozens of Syrian refugees, the first European country to do so, as part of new anti-immigration legislation.

Russian rights groups slam Moscow's role in Syria

02 April, 2021

The first-ever report issued by Russian NGOs on the Syrian conflict gives a rare insight into abuses committed by Russian forces.

UN warns of risk of famine in Yemen, S.Sudan

23 March, 2021

Parts of South Sudan and Yemen are already experiencing famine, two UN agencies said.

US President Biden 'to officially recognise Armenian genocide'

23 March, 2021

Joe Biden will reportedly be the first US president to officially denote the actions of the former Ottoman Empire in the First World War as genocide.

Iran joins Houthis in dismissing Saudi Yemen ceasefire proposal

23 March, 2021

Saudi Arabia is hoping for a ceasefire with the Houthis following a spate of attacks on the kingdom.

Rockets fired from Syria land in Turkey: ministry

18 March, 2021

A border region of southern Turkey was struck with rockets fired from Syria on Thursday, though no casualties were reported.

'Republic of Queues': Syria is a hungry nation

15 March, 2021

As Syria passes the 10th year anniversary mark of the start of the popular uprising against its leader, civilians are hungry and impoverished

How Syria's war defined a decade

14 March, 2021

Comment: A decade of war and displacement has left the root causes of Syria's revolution remain firmly in place, and its people no closer to liberation, writes Sam Hamad.

Justice for Syrians is 'more important than ever': Amnesty

12 March, 2021

Amnesty said that the UN Security Council had succumbed to pressure from the Assad regime's backers, giving the Syrian people no justice.

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