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Syria Insight: What to expect under the Biden administration

22 November, 2020

After Joe Biden's election win, Syrians are waiting for signs that he will take a more considered approach towards the country's civil war.

Assad's sham refugee conference marks dark 50-years of regime

19 November, 2020

Comment: Displaced Syrian refugees know all too well that 'reconstruction' can never happen under the grip of a Russian-backed Assad regime, writes Sam Hamad.

Pakistan has a problem, but castration isn't the answer

14 November, 2020

Comment: Calls for castration and hanging as punishment for rape have been growing, but such draconian measures fail to tackle the root cause of gender-based violence, writes Zahra Khozema.

Syrians scorn 'manipulative' Assad refugee conference

12 November, 2020

A Russia-backed refugee conference hosted by Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad has been condemned by activists.

Iraq Report: Kurd-on-Kurd violence as protesters clash with police

06 November, 2020

Kurd-on-Kurd violence intensifies between the PKK and the KRG, while Iraq's October Revolution is being revived and continued.

Dubai to stock Israeli-grown wine from occupied Golan Heights

29 October, 2020

The Israeli wine will be available at hotels, restaurants and shops in Dubai, where only non-Muslims are legally allowed to drink.

The Iraq Report: Sectarian killings revive fears of strife

23 October, 2020

A mass killing and an attack on Kurdish political headquarters suggest ethno-sectarian tensions are flaring again, with many questioning whether Iraq can resolve such disputes under its current system.

Gone but not forgotten: The fight for Syria's disappeared

15 October, 2020

As the war draws on in Syria, the fight to remember those missing becomes increasingly difficult. But Wafa Ali Mustafa remains determined to campaign for justice.

Rights groups ask Germany to probe Syria chemical attacks

06 October, 2020

Human rights groups have filed a criminal complaint in Germany calling for the investigation of two deadly regime chemical weapons attacks in Syria, which killed over 1,400 people.

NYT journalist 'threatened' family of IS hostage James Foley

02 October, 2020

Rukmini Callimachi is facing a barrage of allegations of unethical conduct surrounding her reporting on the Islamic State extremist group.

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