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What to expect from Biden's Israel policy

24 November, 2020

Analysis: Biden's relationship with Israel could be tested over Iran, but the president-elect's proclivity for a paradigm shift or a reversal of Trump's anti-Palestinian policies appears rather limited.

Azerbaijan troops enter first district handed over by Armenia

20 November, 2020

Azerbaijani troops entered the Aghdam district, one of three handed back to Baku in a Russian-brokered peace deal with Armenia.

Russia and Turkey's delicate balancing act in Nagorno-Karabakh

19 November, 2020

Analysis: With Western powers sidelined, Russia and Turkey have emerged as dominant powerbrokers in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

US to slash troop levels in Iraq, Afghanistan

17 November, 2020

The US will reduce troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to their lowest levels in nearly 20 years of war.

Azerbaijan extends Armenian pullout deadline from disputed area

15 November, 2020

Baku has agreed to allow Armenian civilians and troops more time to leave the Kalbajar district of Azerbaijan.

US military wary that shakeup could upend apolitical nature

13 November, 2020

Mark Milley's comments reflected a view he has long been passionate about: the military defending the US constitution.

Russian peacekeepers head to Nagorno-Karabakh after peace deal

10 November, 2020

The Moscow-brokered agreement came after a string of Azerbaijani victories in its fight to retake the ethnic Armenian enclave.

Uprooted by war, Syrians settle on Roman temple ruins

10 November, 2020

Dozens of Syrians uprooted by the war have settled among centuries-old ruins in the UNESCO-listed site of Baqirha, near the Turkish border.

Russia strikes kill 78 rebels in Syria

27 October, 2020

Air strikes by Damascus regime ally Russia killed 78 Turkey-backed rebels in northwestern Syria, a monitor said, in the bloodiest surge in violence since a truce almost eight months ago.

Russia strikes kill 78 Turkey-backed rebels in Syria: monitor

26 October, 2020

Russian airstrikes on Monday killed dozens of Turkey-backed rebels in Syria's northwest in the bloodiest surge in violence reported since more than half a year ago.

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