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Taliban now discouraging fighters from taking multiple wives

15 January, 2021

The hardline Islamist group has urged members to avoid "corrupt and illegal practices" regarding polygamy.

US troops cut to 2,500 in Afghanistan and Iraq

15 January, 2021

"Today, the United States is closer than ever to ending nearly two decades of war and welcoming in an Afghan-owned, Afghan-led peace process."

Germany deports 26 Afghan refugees despite 'threats to life'

14 January, 2021

Germany has attracted criticism for its decision to continue to deport Afghan refugees in the midst of a pandemic.

Afghan forces foil IS plan to assassinate US envoy

12 January, 2021

Intelligence officers dismantled a four-member IS cell in the eastern province of Nangarhar that had planned to murder Ross Wilson

Afghan journalist-turned official killed in targeted Kabul bomb attack

10 January, 2021

A bomb attack in Kabul targeted Afghan journalist-turned security official Zia Wadan on Sunday.

Three arrested for murder of Afghan election activist

09 January, 2021

High-profile public figures have been targeted in a recent wave of violence in Afghanistan.

Officials: Attacks around Afghanistan kill at least 23

07 January, 2021

Multiple attacks have occurred in Afghanistan as talks resume with the Taliban in the hope of ending the conflict.

Afghan peace talks resume in Doha: negotiators

07 January, 2021

Peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government have resumed in Doha, Qatar.

Kabul talks in Doha, government accuses Taliban of stalling

05 January, 2021

The Afghanistan government has accused the Taliban of deliberately stalling peace talks.

Challenges plague new Afghan peace talks

05 January, 2021

Afghan negotiators are having a challenging time with the peace process.

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