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OPCW 'whistleblower' may have suppressed Syria chemical attack evidence

28 October, 2020

A recently uncovered letter from the OPCW to former employee Brendan Whelan has cast serious doubts on his claims that a 2018 chemical weapons attack in Douma was staged.

Iran gas attack victims say horrors are a warning

20 September, 2020

Iraq's gas attack on Sardasht, a Kurdish town in northwestern Iran, is considered to be the first time chemical weapons deliberately targeted civilians.

Watchdog 'explicitly blames' Syria regime for chemical weapons attacks

08 April, 2020

For the first time since the Syria conflict erupted in 2011, the global chemical weapons watchdog explicitly blamed President Bashar al-Assad's air force for chemical attacks.

Chemical weapons organisation to publish report on Syria attacks

06 November, 2019

The OPCW will prepare a report on chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

Government change offers no solution for Iraq

07 October, 2019

Comment: If Iraq's party system based on religion, ethnicity and endemic clientelism is not addressed, protests will recur and frustration will reach dangerous levels, writes Judit Neurink.

Explainer: Indonesia's plans to outlaw pre-marital sex and more

25 September, 2019

Indonesia's president has postponed a vote on a controversial overhaul of the country's penal code, however protesters fear the bill may still pass.

Chemical weapons team to identify Syria attacks culprits: OPCW

28 June, 2019

The head of the world's toxic arms watchdog said a new chemical weapons investigation team has started work on identifying the culprits behind alleged chemical attacks in Syria.

Pink Floyd star's attack on Syrian rescuers provokes outrage

19 May, 2019

A new attack by Roger Waters on Syria's White Helmets, where he blamed them for the murder of 34 people in the city of Douma has caused outrage among Syrians.

Israel's war crimes fuel mental illness in Gaza

22 March, 2019

International attention inevitably shifts away when a war ends, but its victims live with the scars - both visible and invisible - for years after, reports Hanin Elholy.

Iraqi-Kurds commemorate Halabja Massacre

16 March, 2019

Hundreds of relatives of the Halabja Massacre have gathered to remember the victims of the 1988 chemical attack.

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