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Will Biden's Afghanistan peace plan succeed?

18 March, 2021

Analysis: The US president's Afghanistan peace deal may alienate the very people it aims to bring together, the Afghan government and Taliban leaders.

'Republic of Queues': Syria is a hungry nation

15 March, 2021

As Syria passes the 10th year anniversary mark of the start of the popular uprising against its leader, civilians are hungry and impoverished

Libya PM hands proposed government to parliament for approval

04 March, 2021

Libya's parliament received a proposed government by Libya's interim prime minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah on Thursday, amid efforts to unify the country.

Syria Insight: Regime walk-out leads to new 'constitution crisis'

18 February, 2021

For some the constitutional talks were a last hope in ending the Syrian war peacefully. For others, it was another attempt by the regime to stall for time.

Biden urged to secure release of American in Afghanistan

31 January, 2021

Family members and supporters of an American contractor abducted in Afghanistan have called on the Biden administration to secure his release.

Tunisians protest against 'police state'

30 January, 2021

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Tunis to demonstrate against police repression.

Biden overturns Trump ban on transgender US troops

25 January, 2021

US President Joe Biden overturned Donald Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military, saying "all Americans" qualified to serve should be able to do so.

Biden team: US will not lift Covid travel bans

19 January, 2021

US President-elect Joe Biden's spokeswoman quickly dismissed Donald Trump's announcement that a Covid-19 ban on travelers arriving from much of Europe and Brazil would be lifted.

Republican senator to object to certification of Biden win

31 December, 2020

Congressional certification of the Electoral College results has historically been a formality.

Israel and the UAE capitalise as Trump era ends

23 December, 2020

Analysis: Fearing a reversal of policies under the Biden administration, Israel and the UAE are exploiting the last days of Trump's presidency to shore up a new geopolitical reality.

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