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Israel's 'stolen Arab babies' continue fight for justice

Date of publication: 21 July, 2016

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Video: Official investigations are set to begin into allegations that babies of Arab parents were kidnapped and given to Israelis of European backgrounds during the early years of Israel's creation.
Newborn infants born in Israel to Arab parents were kidnapped and given to families of European origin during the early years of the creation of the state, activists and families have claimed.

Decades after the alleged abductions, children brought up by Israeli parents from Europe are only beginning to find out about their birth parents.

Many of the mothers came to Israel from Jewish communities in Yemen, North Africa and other Arab states, and were often poor, uneducated, and powerless. 

Some were living in makeshift camps when the abductions allegedly took place.

The women have accused hospitals, social workers, and the government of being complicit in the kidnappings of their children.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said that an investigation into the claims could finally begin after years of delays.

Jewish Israelis of Arab and African origin have said they have suffered decades-long discrimination and racism, and are often among the most impoverished groups in Israel. 

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