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Woman in Egypt 'assaulted by mob for wearing burkini' Open in fullscreen

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Woman in Egypt 'assaulted by mob for wearing burkini'

The woman was surrounded by a large crowd "inspecting her swimwear" [Facebook]

Date of publication: 31 July, 2017

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After being forced out of the pool, a large crowd surrounded the woman as she was humiliated and assaulted, witnesses reported.

A woman in Egypt was allegedly kicked out of a resort and beaten for wearing a burkini.

The woman was not only humiliated by Hacienda Bay resort staff, it has been alleged, but was also subject to harassment from fellow customers, according to witness testimony posted on Facebook.

The woman was forced off the beach last week by a crowd who "forcibly inspected" her swimwear, saying the material could be "unhygienic", said Sarah El-Amry. 

She added that some of the mob also attacked the woman's husband and son. 

The burkini is an outfit which intends to be modest swimwear for women who choose to cover up. Before its innovation, veiled women would generally refrain from mixed gender beaches, or would find ways to create their own modest swimwear.

Anti-harassment laws appear to be futile in a context in which women are blamed and accused of provoking an attack, regardless of how much or little they choose to wear.

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