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Comment: The rapid growth of the progressive vote in America over the past four years reveals how voting patterns will continue to change in 2020 and beyond, writes Yousef Munayyer.

Biden described as 'deplorable' the alleged comments by Trump described fallen soldiers as 'losers' and 'suckers'.

Palestine and the <em>Democratic</em> Party platform: A strategic regression

Nour Odeh

Palestine and the Democratic Party platform: A strategic regression

Despite growing support for a more progressive position on Palestine, the establishment wing has reverted to mainstream policies which ignore Palestinian rights.

The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition farce

Khalil E. Jahshan

The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition farce

Comment: The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition is nothing more than a shaky political agreement designed to serve the narrow personal agendas of ...

Sanders campaign claims victory in Democrats' confused Iowa vote

The New Arab

Sanders campaign claims victory in Democrats' confused Iowa vote

Results for Iowa Democratic caucuses, the critical first step to determining the party's presidential candidates, were delayed on ...

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Trump defends killing 'son of a bitch' Soleimani

President Trump spent much of his speech defending his decision to order the strike that killed top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, whom he labeled the "world's No. 1 terrorist".

James J. Zogby

Flashback 30 years: Lessons to learn, work to do

Comment: The 1988 Democratic Convention was the first time we openly debated Palestine, and holds some important lessons for ...

Sam Fouad

How Paul Manafort is profiting from Kurdistan's independence referendum

Comment: The ex-Trump surrogate is finding refuge from the FBI investigation while lining his pockets and helping his old Russian friends as a ...

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