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Jennifer Grout stunned the Arab world when she sung classic Arabic songs fluently, despite not knowing the language - she is now reciting Quran.

Liverpool's annual Arab Art Festival is back for the 20th year running promising a diverse and exciting programme jam-packed with a mix of exciting local and internationally acclaimed artists.

'Hopeless Nation': Meet Mosul’s first rap collective

Laurene Daycard and Sebastian Castelier

'Hopeless Nation': Meet Mosul’s first rap collective

The New Arab Meets: Iraqi hip-hop artists Zayn Adam, Boika, MC Reko and Yabangi who blame the US-led fight against the Islamic State group for the horrors they survived.

The Arab world's obsession with reality TV

Loubna Mrie

The Arab world's obsession with reality TV

Society: In the Arab world, reality TV is much more than just entertainment, it's a form of political participation, writes Loubna Mrie.

The New Arab

Palestinian prisoners enter third week of mass hunger strike

The number of Palestinian prisoners participating in a mass hunger strike to protest the conditions of their detention in Israeli prisons is declining as the strike enters its third week.

Rami Almeghari

Gaza's Spider-boy caught in Israel's web

In-depth: Meeting Mohammad Alsheikh, the teenage contortionist who found TV fame, yet who cannot leave the Gaza Strip to become a record-breaker.

The New Arab

Gaza's 'Spiderboy' seeks to set world record

Palestinian 12-year-old Mohammed al-Sheikh is dubbed 'Spiderboy' for his spine-bending body contortion skills, which he now wants to use to set ...

Belal Dabour

Erez crossing used to extort ordinary Gazans

Comment: Travelling between Gaza and Israel means running the gauntlet of the Erez checkpoint, where many Palestinians are arrested for ...

Palestinian 'drone hacker' arrested heading to <em>Arabs</em> <em>Got</em> <em>Talent</em>

The New Arab

Palestinian 'drone hacker' arrested heading to Arabs Got Talent

A young Palestinian talent-show enthusiast was arrested by Israeli authorities while leaving Gaza to attend a television competition. ...

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