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BDS activists will hold protests against decision to import $500 million worth of gas from Israel's Tamar gas field, which they believe does nothing to discourage Israel's occupation in Palestine.

In-depth: Hundreds of Jordanians took to the streets to demonstrate against a recently approved natural gas deal with Israel, at the end of an eventful week in the kingdom.

Jordan protests <em>against</em> Israel Leviathan <em>gas</em> deal

The New Arab

Jordan protests against Israel Leviathan gas deal

Protesters gathered in downtown Amman on Friday to demonstrate against a deal which will see the Jordanian government purchase $10 billion in gas from Israel.

<em>Gas</em> deal breathes life into Jordan boycott movement

Dana Mar’ie

Gas deal breathes life into Jordan boycott movement

Analysis: Momentum is growing inagainst the Israel-Jordanian deal to import natural gas from the Israeli-controlled ...

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