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Interview: Professor Aziz El-Matri, a Tunisian kidney specialist and member of The Transplantation Society discusses organ donation in the Islamic tradition with Aziz El-Matri.

A moving letter detailing a young Lebanese teacher's requests to donate her organs upon her death, has re-emerged online after she was killed from gunfire on Sunday.

Saudi brothers held in Egypt 'over illegal <em>organ</em> trade'

The New Arab

Saudi brothers held in Egypt 'over illegal organ trade'

Two Saudi brothers have been held in Egypt for nearly two months after being accused by authorities of involvement in the country's organ black market.

Qatar's <em>organ</em> <em>donation</em> law set to encourage more donors

Nada Ramadan

Qatar's organ donation law set to encourage more donors

A new law regulating organ donation in Qatar has been signed off in a boost to efforts to encourage more people to register as ...

The moral dilemma of <em>organ</em> <em>donation</em> in Egypt

Nada Ramadan

The moral dilemma of organ donation in Egypt

Feature: Egyptians in need of transplants face a choice between problematic legal paths and getting involved in the murky, illegal world of ...

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