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Alcohol sales have long served as a major barometer of the economy of Dubai, a top travel destination in the UAE.

Palestine announced its boycott of Dubai's Expo 2020 in protest of the UAE-Israeli normalisation deal.

Israel is using <em>Expo</em> 2020 Dubai to fast-track normalisation

Ramona Wadi

Israel is using Expo 2020 Dubai to fast-track normalisation

Comment: Arab states' willingness to fall in line with Israel's plan for normalisation is bad news for Palestinians, writes Ramona Wadi.

In South Sudan, Israel is sowing seeds of war

Suraya Dadoo

In South Sudan, Israel is sowing seeds of war

Comment: In addition to its brutal military occupation of Palestine, Israel is also supplying the weapons to extend South Sudan's ...

Can South Africa maintain its anti-apartheid solidarity with <em>Palestine</em>?

Janet Smith

Can South Africa maintain its anti-apartheid solidarity with Palestine?

Comment: On Mandela Day, South Africa is reminded of the commitments it made to helping Palestinians fight apartheid. The sooner that happens, ...

Sophia Akram

Escaping reality through music: Meeting Moody Kablawi

The New Arab Meets: Palestinian musician and producer Moody Kablawi from Haifa, who has been performing and touring internationally since he was 15, to talk more about his evolving sounds.

Diana Alghoul

Mandela's grandson delivers hope of freedom from 'Israeli apartheid'

This year's London PalExpo offered an air of Mandela-style hope, with the attendance of the grandson of Chief Zwelivelile Mandela, the grandson ...

Malia Bouattia

BDS' fight against worldwide state repression

Comment: The Israel-boycott movement is gaining strength, and attempts to close down events have only inspired activists to carry on the fight, ...

Diana Alghoul

'Taking Palestine Everywhere': A modern twist to deep-rooted tradition

Taking the traditional olive tree from Palestine, Bethlehem-based jewellery company Nadya Hazbunova is the work

A celebration of culture: London's <em>Palestine</em> <em>Expo</em> attracts thousands

Diana Alghoul

A celebration of culture: London's Palestine Expo attracts thousands

With over 15,000 visitors, London’s Palestine Expo saw people from all nationalities and religions come together to show ...

Daoud Kuttab

Conscious consumers: How Mennonite Church came to support BDS

Analysis: After two years of educational initiatives and deliberation, the Mennonite church has urged its congregations to 'avoid the purchase ...

<em>Palestine</em> <em>Expo</em> attracts thousands despite pro-Israel lobbyist opposition

The New Arab

Palestine Expo attracts thousands despite pro-Israel lobbyist opposition

A celebration of Palestinian heritage and culture was held in London this weekend despite attempts by pro-Israel lobbyists to have the event ...

Can London's <em>Palestine</em> <em>Expo</em> help redress Israel bias?

Tom Charles

Can London's Palestine Expo help redress Israel bias?

Comment: While solidarity with Palestine becomes more mainstream, UK and international institutions still firmly favour Israel, writes ...

UK approves <em>Palestine</em> <em>Expo</em> despite pro-Israel lobby opposition

The New Arab

UK approves Palestine Expo despite pro-Israel lobby opposition

A UK government department says it is 'content' for Palestine Expo to go ahead on 8 July despite pro-Israel lobbyists ...

Anti-BDS minister threatens to cancel UK <em>Palestine</em> <em>Expo</em> event

The New Arab

Anti-BDS minister threatens to cancel UK Palestine Expo event

The fate of one of Europe's biggest Palestine events hangs in the balance after a UK government department intervened over alleged ...

Nick Rodrigo

Policing of Muslim communities in the US: Inevitable fate?

Comment: Clinton's proximity to US police and security forces means she would probably pass legislation expanding their ability to monitor communities, at the cost of civil liberties, writes Nick Rodrigo

AAAJ and agencies

Fighting the Palestinian cause with traditional cuisine

A Palestinian in the West Bank city of Nablus is using traditional cuisine to promote her people's cause, acting as an advocate for the ...

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