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Palestinian survivors of the Sabra and Shatila massacre still remember the horrible events of 16th September 1982, in which up to 3,500 people were killed by Israel’s Lebanese militia allies.

Comment: Palestinian leaders have repeatedly gambled on the US to help them achieve their goals, to the detriment of the Palestinian people, writes Dalal Yassine.

The rise <em>and</em> fall of the South Lebanon Army

Charlie Hoyle

The rise and fall of the South Lebanon Army

The return to Lebanon of Amer Fakhoury has reopened old wounds, casting light once again on the brutal legacy of the South Lebanon Army during and after the civil war.

About a War: Motives <em>and</em> trauma from Lebanon's war

Sarah Khalil

About a War: Motives and trauma from Lebanon's war

Film review: 'About a War' explores complex personal motivations behind ex-fighters' decisions to take up arms - and what happens when ...

Displaced Syrian women speak out in Lebanon

Roshan De Stone and David Suber

Displaced Syrian women speak out in Lebanon

Syrian women have borne much of the consequences of war. Now with one third of refugees' households headed by females, many carry the dual ...

Charlie Hoyle

Israeli-backed massacre of Palestinian refugees remembered 36 years later

On 16 September, Lebanese Phalange militiamen stormed the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and began a massacre which killed up to 3,500 Palestinians.

Malia Bouattia

Fighting antisemitism should not mean silencing the Palestinian struggle

Comment: If criticising Israel is antisemitic, how are Palestinians expected to articulate their struggle? asks Malia Bouattia.

The New Arab

How many times has US backed Israel at UN?

As Israel's biggest ally, the US has used its UN Security Council veto dozens of times to protect the Jewish state from resolutions condemning ...

Tom Charles

Is UK's Labour shifting back to a pro-Israel stance?

Comment: Labour may be forced to adopt a pro-Israel position, despite its new pro-Palestinian leadership, writes Tom Charles.

Iraqi artist's <em>Sabra</em>-<em>Shatila</em> tapestry could hang alongside Picasso's Guernica

The New Arab

Iraqi artist's Sabra-Shatila tapestry could hang alongside Picasso's Guernica

A renowned Iraqi artist's work depicting the devastating massacre of thousands of Palestinians in Lebanon is being transformed into a tapestry ...

Salama Abdul Hamid

Portrait of Bob Dylan as a defender of Israel

The singer-songwriter was declared winner of Nobel Prize for Literature. But his close ties with Israel, a routine abuser of human rights, are ...

Hidden memories: Shatila's museum keeping Palestinian refugees' heritage alive

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours

Hidden memories: Shatila's museum keeping Palestinian refugees' heritage alive

Curios for the curious: Refugees' prized possessions tell a story of life before displacement, discovers Jillian Kestler D'Amours.

'Bloodthirsty wolves': Remembering the <em>Sabra</em> <em>and</em> <em>Shatila</em> massacres

Somoud Ghazal

'Bloodthirsty wolves': Remembering the Sabra and Shatila massacres

Lebanese, Palestinian and Christian survivors speak to The New Arab about their memories of the horrific Sabra and ...

Palestinian commander shot dead in refugee camp

The New Arab

Palestinian commander shot dead in refugee camp

A prominent Palestinian commander belonging to a pro-Syrian regime faction was shot dead in the Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon on ...

Resisting the Zionists at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Ramona Wadi

Resisting the Zionists at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Comment: The Arab world, the international community and the Palestinian factions are failing to articulate the current aggression ...

Thaer Ghandour

Sabra and Shatila: Impunity and the things to come

Analysis: An investigation of the Sabra and Shatila massacre is urgently needed to establish a modicum of justice in the region and stop violence based on impunity, writes Thaer Ghandour.

Pam Bailey

Palestinian refugees must not be forgotten

Comment: World Refugee Day will rightly focus on hotspots such as Syria, the Mediterranean and Burma. But we must not forget the case ...

Mohammad Omran

Keeping the Nakba memory alive through art

Culture: Palestinian artists from the Nakba and post-Nakba generations keep the memory of the catastrophic event alive through their ...

Pierre Akiki

Lebanon's civil war: separating fact from fiction

Analysis: Up to 250,000 people died in the conflict, according to accepted estimates. However Pierre Akiki, of the Lebanon Renaissance ...

<em>Shatila</em>: Refugees of the revolution

Andy Simon

Shatila: Refugees of the revolution

Review: Allan's book offers insight into the world of Palestinian refugees living in camps in Lebanon, as they struggle to go about their daily ...

Luna Safwan

Poor and overcrowded, Shatila is overwhelmed by Syrian influx

Syrian refugees, especially those of Palestinian origin, have found refuge in already existing Palestinian camps in Lebanon. But these, ...

Remembering Arafat: “We’re almost there”

Mark Perry

Remembering Arafat: “We’re almost there”

Unfailingly polite, but somewhat of a puzzle, Arafat had a keen sense of mission and a strong sense of humour.

My mother’s bravery after <em>Sabra</em> <em>and</em> <em>Shatila</em>

Rabia Farran

My mother’s bravery after Sabra and Shatila

The days that followed the infamous massacres at Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut were filled with fear – and the courage of ...

My friend the terrorist

Ziad Touba

My friend the terrorist

Ziad Touba tells the story of childhood friend Ziad Jarrah, a member of the Hamburg cell that provided some of the United Airlines Flight 93 ...

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