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Analysis: On Sunday, at least 22 football fans were killed at a stadium in Cairo. Again, the government were quick to blame 'ultras' for the deaths. Zamalek supporters say this was a plan to wipe out opponents of the regime.

Comment: Many journalists in post-revolution Egypt have backed and cemented the state's black-and-white narrative of "security versus terrorism". Egypt needs a new movement to dispel the myth, says Sarah Eltantawi.

What risk of civil war in Egypt?

Yasser el-Gharbawi

What risk of civil war in Egypt?

Comment: Political polarisation, incitement to violence and a catastrophic breakdown of the political process has drawn the country close to conflict. All factions must step back from the brink.

Egypt’s 'golden age of unity'

Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt’s 'golden age of unity'

In less than ten years, Egypt’s judges have gone from icons of democracy to the counterrevolution‘s aggressive hounds. It is, boasts Egypt’s new ...

<em>Shimaa</em> al-<em>Sabagh</em>: An icon of the Arab revolutions

Hamid Dabashi

Shimaa al-Sabagh: An icon of the Arab revolutions

Comment: The photo of a young, revolutionary woman dying on her feet, her male comrade on his knees holding her upright, will become the iconic ...

Alain Gresh

A day in the life of Cairo's Matariya

Blog: Activists pack the narrow streets of Matariya, risking death to stage peaceful protests against Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. And, as usual, local media distort the truth.

Thaer Ghandour

The problem of 'moderation'

Comment: The approach of Arab moderates to the threat of Islamist extremism is contradictory and damaging.

Basheer al-Baker

An Egypt I no longer recognise

Comment: Egypt has been turned upside down by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. But his rule is flawed and will not last forever, says Basheer al-Baker.

Keeping power in check: This week in Human Rights

Blog: War, despotism and occupation blight much of the Arab world and cripple the amazing potential of its people. No government, leader or ...

<em>Shimaa</em> <em>el</em>-<em>Sabagh</em> remembered in new protest

Farid Farid

Shimaa el-Sabagh remembered in new protest

Blog: Vigil for the ‘martyr of flowers’ who was killed on 25 January as reported by those who were there via social media.

Said Abdel Rahim

More deaths in Egypt protests

Anti-coup protests continue across Egypt, as further deaths at the hands of security forces ramps up anger at the violent crackdown against ...

We are all <em>Shimaa</em> <em>el</em>-<em>Sabagh</em> now We are all Shimaa el-Sabagh now

Gigi Ibrahim

We are all Shimaa el-Sabagh now

Comment: Shimaa el-Sabagh died holding flowers and calling for freedom and justice in Egypt. She is one of thousands ...

Special coverage: The anniversary of Egypt's revolution Special coverage: The anniversary of Egypt's revolution

Al-Araby al-Jadeed staff

Special coverage: The anniversary of Egypt's revolution

On 25 January 2011, Egypt erupted in the now-infamous "Day of Anger". Protests had been planned to decry police abuses - but demonstrations ...

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