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The SAFAR Film Festival returned to London on Thursday with screenings of classic and contemporary Arab films, many of which have never been showcased outside the Middle East before.

It's refreshing to remember that the terrorists depicted in western media and entertainment as modern-day bogeymen represent but an infinitesimal fraction of the real Middle East, writes Jordan Elgrably.

<em>Wajib</em>: A Palestinian film about real life in Palestine

Robert Cusack

Wajib: A Palestinian film about real life in Palestine

Film review: Wajib tackles the complex relationship between a Palestinian father and son, divided by their completely different world experiences.

The logical fallacy behind #MarchAgainstSharia

Diana Alghoul

The logical fallacy behind #MarchAgainstSharia

The rising rhetoric of hate is not the only reason behind the hostility towards Sharia law, there is also a misunderstanding of what Sharia law ...

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