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Saudi Arabia is concerned about the level of hyper-nationalism present online - and the use of royal family images.

Two women journalists have been the targets of an online harassment campaign led by pro-Saudi government Twitter accounts.

Syria Weekly: Russia sides with former rebels in Daraa

Paul McLoughlin

Syria Weekly: Russia sides with former rebels in Daraa

Our weekly round-up of under-reported news from Syria focuses on how regime troops and Iran are treating Daraa and its territories as spoils of war.

Twitter cracks down on pro-Netanyahu 'troll <em>army</em>'

The New Arab

Twitter cracks down on pro-Netanyahu 'troll army'

Twitter has reportedly shut down 258 of the over 400 automated and fake accounts that have produced over 130,000 pro-Netanyahu tweets during the ...

Online backer proves pre-vote embarrassment for Israel's Netanyahu

The New Arab & agencies

Online backer proves pre-vote embarrassment for Israel's Netanyahu

Giora Ezra shot to sudden notoriety after Netanyahu presented him as a typical supporter in a bid to dismiss accusations his party deployed ...

Marc Owen Jones

Saudi trolls hacking dead people's Twitter to spread propaganda

When an American TV weatherman started tweeting support for the Saudi regime, people started asking questions. Not least because the meteorologist had been dead for two years...

Hossam el-Hamalawy

Egypt's dirty war (part II): Surveillance for all

Comment: Sisi's brutal crackdown off and online uses the 'War on terror' to justify violence, and has instilled a climate of fear among the ...

The New Arab

Saudi Arabia deployed bot army against critics, including Khashoggi

Saudi Arabia used an online army to target critics of the kingdom following its announcement of the death of Jamal Khashoggi.

The New Arab

Bot army attempts to hijack Qatar emir's UK visit

Saudi Arabia appeared to have mobilised its army of Twitter bots on Monday, during a visit by the Qatar emir to the UK. But things ...

Suspected Saudi 'robot <em>army</em>' enlisted in Qatar attack

The New Arab

Suspected Saudi 'robot army' enlisted in Qatar attack

Cyberwarfare is not new to the Gulf, but the current Saudi-led onslaught against the tiny state of Qatar is the most formidable and bizarre yet.

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