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Comment: Halal abattoirs are cruel - they require cattle and poultry to be alive at the time of killing...

Saudi authorities arrest a suspected cat killer, whose alleged feline killing spree has drawn the outrage of tens of thousands of the kingdom's social media users.

Vengeful 'Saudi animal abuser' rips head off Qatari <em>pigeon</em>

Diana Alghoul

Vengeful 'Saudi animal abuser' rips head off Qatari pigeon

'Don't let your fate be that of the pigeon,' the man warned Qatar after tearing the bird's head off with his bare hands.

Flying high: Kuwait busts feather-brained <em>pigeon</em> drug-smuggling plot

The New Arab

Flying high: Kuwait busts feather-brained pigeon drug-smuggling plot

The latest drug smuggler caught by Kuwait's eagle-eyed customs officers has been deemed a flight risk.

Country music without borders

Jérémie Berlioux

Country music without borders

Country & Western gives way to Country & Eastern in this melting pot of music raising money for Syria's refugees in Turkey.

Karim Traboulsi

Assad adopts Trump's 'fake-news' defence to dismiss war-crimes accusations

How Assad insults the intelligence of his audience, but also his own.

The New Arab & agencies

Pet pigeons return to Mosul skies as militants flee

Pet pigeons have returned to Mosul after IS militants banned the practice.

The New Arab & agencies

Iraq's food business booms despite war and poverty

Restaurants in Iraq have become a safe business bet, despite the country's slumping economy, prevailing violence and an ongoing war with the ...

Alex Wright

Concerns grow in Egypt as food prices soar

Egyptians worry about increasing food prices, despite government efforts to quell the situation as Ramadan approaches.

Real estate claims another victim: Beirut's seafront <em>Pigeon</em> Rocks

Lana Asfour

Real estate claims another victim: Beirut's seafront Pigeon Rocks

In an Open Letter to internationally renowned architect Rem Koolhaas, campaigners, architects and engineers point out how his project will ruin ...

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