Joe Show: Panama Papers and Tunisia's textbook dictatorship

Joe Show: Panama Papers and Tunisia's 'Idiot's Guide to Becoming a Dictator'
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17 October, 2021
In episodes 19 & 20, Joe Show takes a swing at the Arab leaders named in the Panama Papers leaks, and weighs in on Tunisia's further descent into quasi dictatorship


Al-Araby TV, the home of the Joe Show, is part of the same family that includes al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper and The New Arab. Stay tuned each week for a translated round-up of the funniest jibes on Joe Show and English-language subtitled clips from the show's most biting digs. This week's round up is chosen from episodes 19 and 20.

Panama Papers, much ado about Lebanon?

'The first million pages of the Panama Papers leaks weremostly about Lebanon', says Yousef Husseini. But it's no joke; Lebanon is the number one Arab country when it comes to the number of politicians implicated in the scandal involving tax invasion by means of offhosre companies. Oh, and Jordan. (Subtitled clip below)


Tunisia: Saeid's Idiot's Guide to Becoming (yet another Arab) Dictator

Kais Saeid is not a dictator! He doesn't have what it takes to be a dictator! Or so say the coup apologists in Tunisia. But you don't have to have a Hitler moustache to qualify, says Youssef Husseini. Here are four reasons why Kais Saeid is (probably) a dictator, square moustache or not. (Subtitled clip below)


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