Top 5 Arabic TV series to watch this Ramadan

Ramadan 2019: 5 Arabic TV dramas you don’t want to miss
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10 May, 2019
Ramadan is when star-studded dramas take over television screens in Arab households across the region. The New Arab brings you the top five series to look out for this year.
Arab TV viewers will be treated to a slew of big-budget productions this Ramadan [Facebook]
Arab TV viewers will be treated to a slew of major big-budget productions this Ramadan, in what is undoubtedly the biggest period for Arabic television.

As audiences recover from gruelling day-long fasts, night-time dramas have become a major phenomenon over the past decade.

From modern-dramas to historical mini-series of major periods of Arab history, production companies invest major budgets to secure the region's biggest stars and win the mantle of hottest series.

With episodes aired daily over the 29 or 30 days of the month, the phenomenon has not come without controversy as some argue a month meant for spiritual reflection is now flooded with entertainment shows.

The audiences themselves seem unaffected, with advertising slots over the month now being at their highest premium for the year.

As different stations vie for a slice of the audience share, The New Arab has put together five of the most popular series released this Ramadan.

1. Kalabsh 3 (Handcuff)

Kalabsh 3 (Handcuff)

Returning for a third season, Kalabsh is an Egyptian drama and suspense series starring Amir Karara as Salim El Ansary, an honest police officer who is subjected to injustice by a businessman, politicians and some MPs who fabricated murder charges against him.

2. Weld Al Ghlaba (Son of the Poor)

An Egyptian school teacher struggling to make ends meet, soon finds himself caught up in the drug dealing business. 

This action-paced series starring Ahmed El Sakka can be considered as the "Breaking Bad" of Arabic TV drama.

3. El-Haramlek

This historical fantasy is set during the Ottoman period and revolves around a struggle for power, access to the throne and the secrets inside the ruling palace.

El-Haramlek brings together a cast of acclaimed actors, including Jamal Soleiman,  Bassel khaiat, Dorra, Sulafa Memar, Qays Sheikh Najib, and Samer Al Masri.

4. Al Hayba 3

A popular crime drama about an arms-smuggling clan forced to deal with family conflicts, power struggles and complicated love affairs.

Al Hayba 3

Starring Taim Hassan as Jabal and Cyrine Abdelnour as Alia, Al Hayba returns this Ramadan for its third season.

5. Bouqaat Daw 14 (Spolight)

The renowned satirical TV show comes back this Ramadan with its 14th series, packed with hilarious sketches putting the spotlight on social, economic and world events.

The show brings together a pan-Arab cast of leading actors and actresses, including Ayman Ridha, Amal Arafah and Bassam Koussa.

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