Vast majority indicted in Israel intercommunal violence were Palestinians

Vast majority indicted in Israel intercommunal violence were Palestinians
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22 May, 2021
The vast majority of Israeli citizens charged with rioting during the bombardment of the Gaza Strip were Palestinians.
Hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel were arrested this month [Getty]

More than 90 percent of Israeli citizens charged with rioting as intercommunal violence and racist attacks gripped mixed Palestinian-Jewish communities this month are Palestinians, Haaretz reported.

Just 15 of the 170 people who have been indicted with charges of rioting, assaulting police officers, and damaging property are Jewish Israelis.

That is despite the fact both Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel participated in what Israeli authorities described as riots in cities including Lod, Haifa, and Jaffa. 

Businesses, homes and passers-by were attacked, apparently on the basis of their ethnicity or religion.

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The riots began in Lod nearly two weeks ago after an Israeli civilian allegedly shot and killed a Palestinian man.

Israeli police reportedly attacked mourners with tear gas and stun grenades, sparking protests by Palestinian residents of the city.

Intercommunal violence in mixed Palestinian-Jewish cities was aggravated by the Israeli bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip, in which more than 200 Palestinians were killed. Ten Israelis were killed by rocket fire from Gaza.

A Palestinian man was hospitalised in critical condition after being stabbed being stabbed by a right-wing Israeli mob on Wednesday, according to Arab48.

Far-right mobs have attacked Palestinian civilians and properties while shouting "Death to Arabs", numerous reports allege.

More than 1,300 people have been arrested on suspicion of rioting since the aerial bombing campaign began on May 8.

Most of those arrested were Palestinians, including 252 minors. Just 159 were Jewish Israelis.

More than 500 remain in custody.