Academics rail against 'toothless' European resolution on Syria

Academics rail against 'toothless' European resolution on Syria
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07 October, 2016
The European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday condemning Russia's involvement in the war in Syria, but stopped short of adding new sanctions on Moscow.
An explosion, allegedly from a Russian air-strike, hits Darat Izza, Aleppo on October 4 [Anadolu]
A group of academics have called for new sanctions on Russia and blasted the latest European Parliament resolution on Syria as "toothless".

The European Parliament voted for a resolution condemning Russia's bombing of Aleppo but cut short of adding new sanctions on Moscow.

"While these are important steps, without building pressure by adopting sanctions, the resolution is toothless," said Saskia Baas, spokesperson for the Aleppo Appeal, a group of European academics calling for sanctions against Russia
Two hundred academics from across Europe signed a petition called the 'Aleppo Appeal', calling for increased sanctions against Russia due to its air raids on Aleppo which have left hundreds dead.

According to the Aleppo Appeal - which was launched on Monday - there is a real fear that the lack of real international pressure on Russia and the Syrian regime will mean that fighting in Aleppo will continue.

EU Parliament Resolution 2894 "calls upon all parties in the conflict, and especially Russia and the Assad regime, to stop all attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure".

It also "strongly condemns all attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, the continuation of all sieges in Syria and the lack of humanitarian access to the Syrian people in need".

Sources revealed that the US is currently mulling over a number of options involving sanctions against Russia. 

The UN estimates that there are currently 275,000 civilians living in East Aleppo and UN Syria envoy, Steffan De Mistura, warned yesterday that East Aleppo could be destroyed "within two months".