Al-Azhar lashes out at LGBTQ+ people, gay marriage

Al-Azhar lashes out at queer people, gay marriage following Aboutrika's LGBTQ+ campaign comments
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07 December, 2021
Al-Azhar, the highest scholarly institution for Sunni Muslims, claimed homosexuality 'is an indulgence in materialism and reveres desire'.
Al-Azhar is one of the top religious authorities in Islam [Getty]

Egypt's Al-Azhar, the highest scholarly institution for Sunni Muslims, lashed out against the LGBTQ+ community on Sunday.

In a Twitter post, Al-Azhar's Fatwa Global Center, which produces religious rulings, decried "media materials" which "seek to normalise homosexuality". 

Al-Azhar claimed: "Homosexuality is obscene, reprehensible and a repugnant form of moral decadence.

"It violates the teachings of the [world's] religions and goes against normal human instincts... It is an indulgence in materialism and reveres desire."

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Al-Azhar also issued a message slamming gay marriage as a grave sin, citing the story of the Prophet Lot whose people God killed for their sinfulness, according to the Egyptian Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

Some Muslims, Christians, and Jews point to the story of Lot as evidence homosexuality is immoral and not allowed.

While Al-Azhar's remarks received support online, not everyone agreed.

Lebanese queer rights activist Tarek Zeidan said of Al-Azhar's tweet: "Hey @Twitter, are you going to allow homopho[b]ic attacks [to go] unchecked for 9 hours despite numerous reports?

"Long live obscenity, love, sex and freedom against bullying and hate."

It comes after ex-Egyptian international footballer Mohamed Aboutrika, a pundit for beIN Sports, recently criticised an English Premier League campaign in support of the LGBTQ+ community, creating international controversy.